V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women

Nutrition & Dietetics with Computer Applications

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The Department of HOME SCIENCE offers

      B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics with Computer Applications &
      M.Sc. Food Processing and Quality Control

also it offers the following UGC sponsored Add on courses

     ♦ Certificate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
     ♦ Advanced Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
     ♦ Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design.


The department aims to offer oppurtunities for the students to develop Professional Competencies in the areas of Nutrition and Dietetics and Computer and holistic development of the students.

Faculty Members

Dr.(Mrs.) C.Thilakam, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Head
Dr.(Mrs.) D.Vijayarani, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Mrs.S.Balasaraswathy, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.C.A. ,PG.D.P.P.Ed.,

Assistant Professor

Ms.A.Jeevarathinam, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor

Mrs.S.Mathangi M.Sc.,

Assistant Professor

Mrs.P.Ramalakshmi M.Sc.,M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor

Fashion and Apparel Designing

Mrs.J.Athirstam, M.Sc.,D.C.D.D.M.,

Assistant Professor

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics



Students Strength: UG -110


The academic standards and achievements of a department depend on the infrastructure facilities available.The following State of the Art facilities are provided in the department for academic, curricular and extra curricular activities.

     ♦ Sophisticated and well-equipped laboratories.
     ♦ Well-stacked department library with 1148 books and 13 Journals.
     ♦ Computer with associated accessories and Internet.
     ♦ Teaching aids like, LCD, O.H.P, Slide Projector, Models, Charts etc.

Appreciable Academic Record

Students bag top three University ranks since 1982, the year of inception. They also play a major role in bodies like youth welfare sports and bring laurels to Department and College.

Student Activities

♦ Industrial visits and field trips are arranged-Flour Mills, Cereal and Pulse Prcessing Units, Sugar Industries, Aavin Milk Plant, Parle-G,Idhayam Gingelly Oil Mill, Oleoresin Factory, Masala Industries,Cold Storage Unit and Fruit Processing Units etc.,

♦ The Department also conducts extension activities like Nutrition education to schools, Balwadi workers and rural homemakers and also do demonstration on millet based recipes ro rural home makers, self help groups and local NGOs.

♦ The department organizes Interdepartmental and Inter Collegiate Idhayam cooking competition sponsored by Idhayam Charities, Virudhunagar, yearly.

♦ The students involve themselves ardently in Inter-departmental and Inter-collegiate competitions like cookery, quiz, elocution, flower arrangement, debate etc.,

♦ Organized Dress Designing Contest sponsered by Idhayam Charities, Virudhunagar.

♦ The students are encouraged to participate and present papers in the Regional, State, National and International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.


♦ Organized and Conducted UGC Sponsored National Level seminar on New Horizons in Processing of Value Added Convenience Foods Conducted in 2006.

♦ Organized and Conducted State Level Seminar on Emerging Trends in Food Processing and Quality Control in 2007.

♦ Conducted UGC Sponsored National Level seminar on Animal Food Processing in 2008.

♦ Organized Regional level workshop on Processing of Millet based convenience foods in 2010.

♦ Organized National Level seminar on Dietary Modification in Prevention and Management of Life Style Diseases in 2012.

♦ Organized State level seminars on Emerging Trends in Functional Foods in 2014 , Strategies to overcome Bone Health Issues in 2015 and Strategies to boost Human ImmuneSystem in 2016

♦ In 2014 the Department established Community college programme on Food Preservation in collaboration with Madurai Kamaraj University to the underprivileged women in Virudhunagar

♦ Every year the department observed significant International days/Weeks related to Health, Nutrition and Food

♦ Paper presentation at Regional, National and International level conferences by all faculty members and students and won prizes is a commendable one.

Student Achievement

    ♦ A.Sivasankari II B.Sc Food Processing & Quality Control, won the I prize for Poster Presentation in the National Conference conducted at Dr.N.G.P. Arts and science college, Coimbatore, on 29.08.2011.

   ♦ Department won the overall shield in “Nutrifest –2011 & 2015 ”, intercollegiate competitions organized by Fathima College, Madurai on 23.09.2011.

   ♦ V.Mukilarasi III B.Sc Food Processing, participated in District Level Elocution contest conducted by Y’s Men’s club of Virudhunagar and won Dr.T.Muthusamy Ever Rolling Trophy at V.H.N.S.N College, Virudhunagar on 25.01.2011.

   ♦ A.Sivasankari III B.Sc Food Processing, is the receipent of Best Orator Award for academic year 2012 - 2013 sponsored by Idhayam Charities, Virudhunagar.

   ♦ V.C.Sindu III B.Sc Food Processing, received the Best Out going Student Award for the academic year 2012 - 2013. She also recevied the Best All rounder Award of the year 2012 - 2013 sponsored by Idhayam Charities, Virudhunagar.

   ♦ A.Sivasankari and V.C.Sindu III B.Sc Food Processing, received the awards for their Best Paper Presentation in M.O.P. Vaishnava College, Chennai and Kongu Engineering College, Erode.

   ♦K.Deepameena, III B.Sc Food Processing, is the recipient of Best Dancer Award for the academic year 2013 - 2014 sponsored by Idhayam Charities, Virudhunagar

About Alumni

They have distinguished themselves

     ♦ in Food Corporation of India
     ♦ in Food Processing industries.
     ♦ as dietitian in hospitals and fitness centers.
     ♦ as Lecturers and Teachers
     ♦ as Child Development Project Officers (CDPO)

Memorandum of Understanding
     ♦The Department signed MOU with Idhayam Gingelly oils, Virudhunagar and MRGroup Textiles and Garments, Rice and Oil Mill, Dhalavaipuram