• To enhance the quality of higher education.
  • To sustain and strenghten the standard of the stakeholders.


Chair Person   


Dr. (Tmty.) S.M. Meena Rani, M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,PGDCA.,
Principal, V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women(Autonomous),

Member from Management


Secretary, V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women (Autonomous),

Nominees from Industrialist


1. Thiru V.R.Muthu,B.Com.,(Hons.)
Chief Executive Officer,Idhayam Group,Virudhunagar.



2. Thiru R.AmbalMuthumani, Proprietor, Ambal & Abis Coffee, Virudhunagar.

Co – ordinator


Tmty. K.Uma Maheswari, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,
Associate Professor & Head , Department of Physics

Senior Administrative                    Officer

Senior Teacher Members


Dr.(Tmty). M.Subasini, M.Com., M. Phil.,Ph.D.,M.B.A.,PGDPMIR.,
Assistant Professor & Head, Department of BBA

1.Tmty. T.Veiluvanthal, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,
    Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce(CA)
2.Tmty. V.Jothimani, MCA.,M.Phil.,
    Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
3. Tmty. B.Suganya, M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA.,M.C.A.,
   Assistant Professor, Department of E-Commerce
4. Tmty. I.Rathina Mala, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,
   Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
5. Dr.(Tmty.) A.Anitha Raj, M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
   Assistant Professor, Department of English
6. Tmty. P.Aruna Devi, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,
   Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology


Student Members


1.Selvi.E.Jegalakshmi , III  Physics
2.Selvi.M.Bala Subbulakshmi   II  B.Com(E.Comm).,
3.Selvi.M.Karunya II BA English


♦ Auditing and achieving the previous recommendations of NAAC

♦ Codifying the activities of the institution for the academic year

♦ Organizing NAAC sponsored seminar once in five years

♦ Inspecting academic and administrative activities to ensure quality

♦ Forming systematized programmes for Faculty Development

♦ Arousing the research aptitude in the faculty and students

♦ Pinpointing the funding agencies and assisting teachers and students to get funds to enrich research caliber.

♦ Appraising various facets of the instutution through feedback analysis

♦ Recording and reporting the proceedings of the instution

♦ Drawing up AQAR of all activities of the instutuion to be sent to the NAAC


♦ AQAR 2010 – 2011 submitted to NAAC on 02/05/2011

♦ AQAR 2011 – 2012 submitted to NAAC on 20/06/2012

AQAR 2012 – 2013 submitted to NAAC on 30/09/2013

♦ AQAR 2013 – 2014 submitted to NAAC on 31/07/2014

♦ AQAR 2014 – 2015 submitted to NAAC on 26/05/2015

♦ NIRF 2016-2017 Submitted to NAAC on 25.11.2016


Training Program 2016-2017

♦ Tamil Typing Programme on 8.7.2016

♦ Enhancing the Writing Skills for Non -Teaching Staff Members on 23.7.2016,30.7.2016,6.8.2016 and 20.8.2016

♦ Faculty Retraining Program on29.08.2016

♦ National Diaster Awarness Program on 18.10.2016

♦ Retraining Program on Research Methodology on 24.10.2016

♦ Develop Computer Skills to Non - Teaching Staff Members on 24.10.2016 & 26.10.2016

♦ ASP.Net program on 28.10.2016

♦ Health and Fitness Program on 27.10.2016

Faculty Retraining Programme