V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women

Department Of English(Self)

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Our English Department (Self) strives

    ♦ To create a passion for literature.

    ♦ To enhance efficiency in language skills.

    ♦ To give importance to career oriented training for language related and other job opportunities.

    ♦ To establish a friendly and vibrant learning environment for students.

    ♦ To instill innovative teaching through extra-curricular and Co- curricular activities.

    ♦ To encourage activity based learning such as peer teaching, literary display, seminar and assignments.

Faculty Profile

Sl.noName of the FacultyDesignationArea of InterestYears of ExperiencePhD
1Mrs.C.Vijayalakshimi M.A., M.Phil.,Assistant ProfessorIndian Writing in English17-
2Mrs.K. Malarvizhi M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant ProfessorIndian Writing in English7Submitted
3Mrs. S.KavithaRani M.A., M.Phil.,Assistant ProfessorIndian Writing in English7Pursuing
4Mrs.S. Malathi M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil.,Assistant ProfessorIndian Writing in English7Submitted

External result analysis for Part II English for the year 2014-2015

MajorOdd semester
No.of Students appearedNo.of Students failedPass percentage
II B.A. English (B)75198.6
II B.Sc. Maths73Nil100
II B.Sc. Computer Science43Nil100
II B.Sc. Electronics and Communications21Nil100
II B.Sc. Micro Biology23Nil100
II B.Sc. Bio Technology45Nil100
I B.A. English (B)75Nil100
I B.B.A48Nil100
I B.Com (C.A.)94Nil100
I B.Com E.Com90891.1
I B.Sc. Maths75Nil100
I B.Sc. Computer Science47Nil100
I B.Sc. Electronics and Communications22Nil100
I B.Sc. Micro Biology29Nil100
I B.Sc. Bio Technology35Nil100
I B.Sc. Information Technology47Nil100
I B.C.A48Nil100

External result analysis for B.A English (Self) November 2014

I B.A English “B” Sec

Part II English Paper –I 100 %
Children’s Literature 100 %
Indian writing in English93.87 %
Modern English Grammar and Usage100 %

II B.A English “B”Sec

Part II English Paper –III 98.6 %
Neo-Classical Literature 89.7 %
Romantic age95.9 %
Phonetics and conversational English 100 %
Film Appreciation 100 %

III B.A English “B” sec

Twentieth century Literature98.61 %
American Literature 93.08 %
Shakespeare 100 %
Journalism and Mass Communication 100 %

Department Activities:

    ♦ Guest Lecture, Seminar and Workshop

    ♦ Association Activities

    ♦ Special activities