V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women

Department Of Botany

Mail ID - botanyvvvc@gmail.com


To promote women's scientific knowledge of the world of plants.

To achieve economic and social empowerment.

To enable women to look at life scientifically and rationally and negate the notions of biological impurity,inferiority and powerlessness.

Faculty Members

Mrs.P.Balagantharathilagam, M.Sc., M.Phil., Head of the Department
Dr.B.Karunai Selvi, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Student's Oriented Service

♦ Ward system

♦ Career Oriented guidance

♦ Training our students for self employment

♦ Mushroom technology

♦ Biofertilizer preparation


The village Chattireddiapatti, Azhagapuri and Meesaloor are adopted and the following extension activities are carried out.

♦ Preparation of Vermi Compost

♦ Preparation of Biofertilizers

♦ Cultivation of Medicinal plants

♦ Therapeutic values of Medicinal plants available in and around the adopted villages

♦ Conservation of Medicinal plants

♦ Assistance given to village people for getting the saplings of Medicinal plants from Sevaiyoor

♦ Solid waste Management

♦ Awareness programs on pollution and pollution control


The UN has declared the decade 2005-15 as a "Decade of Education for sustainable Development". The Millennium campaign of united nations is for all of us to voice our solidarity and support to speak for the Millennium development goals such as Eradication of poverty, Hunger, Illiteracy, Gender imbalance, AIDS and work for the environment susceptibility. 80 students form Botany Department carried out the planting of 250 saplings in the college campus on 17-19 December 2008.


♦ To protect our Mother Earth - 'Preserve Earth' Programs

♦ Vana Maha Utsav, Environment Day celebrations.

♦ Waste monitoring programs - Vermi Compost

♦ "Say NO TO Plastics" and allied materials - Non-degradable waste materials.

♦ Massive Tree Planting programs to fight against climate change & global warming.


♦ Study Tour

♦ Field Work

♦ Exhibition on Environment

♦ Exhibition to School Students

Future Plan

♦ To maintain an Eco Park within the college campus.

♦ To maintain Herbal, Kitchen and Rock Gardens

♦ Herbal exploration - Research and Development on Medicinal Herbs in and around Virudhunagar.

♦ To receive funds from UGC for Major Research Projects

♦ Extension Activities - Biofertilizers, Biopesticides - Organic Farming and other Integrated Land Management practices in the Rural Areas (My Village Project)

♦ Creating awareness on waste disposal systems in the nearby villages through eco-friendly technologies.

♦ Mission Green Earth programs - Massive tree planting programs.

♦ Participation in Millennium development programs with regard to environment protection.

♦ Women development programs to enable women to lead a life of dignity with economic independence and self reliance.

♦ Entrepreneurship development and performance improvement programs to improve employability skills in the field of herbal medicine, Mushroom Cultivation, Spirulina culture and Bio-fertilizers.